Babe Ruth


Shohei Ohtani Would Be a Nightmare Matchup for Shohei Ohtani

The one pitcher the Los Angeles Angels' power-hitting rookie sensation might struggle against the most is himself.
Drew Fairservice

Throwback Thursday: Ray Chapman, the Only Major League Baseball Player Killed By In-Game Injury

The 1920 death of Ray Champan, who was hit in the head by a pitch, played a significant role in ushering in MLB's Live Ball Era.
Mike Piellucci

Boxing The Great Bambino

In 1925, Babe Ruth’s career was in turmoil. Sick, overweight, and at odds with his manager, the Babe turned to trainer Artie McGovern, who salvaged the baseball player’s life and career—through boxing.
L.A. Jennings
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Year Babe Ruth Lost It, And Grew Up

Fresh off two of the most dominant seasons in history, Babe Ruth spent 1922 getting in trouble, getting suspended, and generally messing up. It changed everything.
Steven Goldman
Throwback Thursday

Forgiving, Forgetting, And Bob Shawkey's 46-Year Yankees Exile

Bob Shawkey was one of the Yankees' first great aces during the team's golden age, and, for one year, a manager. He never quite forgave the team for the last part.
Steven Goldman

Recovering Ballplayer Vol. 4: Swag Baseball Out Again

The battle over unwritten rules is actually about the battle between pitchers and position players. To solve it, we must heed the man who was both: Babe Ruth.
Fernando Perez

Until There's Baseball, We're Going to Talk About Pudgy Ballplayers

Baseball players come in all shapes and sizes, up to and including ones like Pablo Sandoval, but for some reason this is always forgotten around spring training.
Alexander Goot

Future of the Game: Baseball's Latest Statistical Revolution

FUTURE OF THE GAME is a new series exploring the cutting edge in sports technology, co-produced with our pals at VICE's tech channel Motherboard. In our first episode we meet the architects of MLB Statcast.
VICE Sports
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Red Sox World Series That Almost Wasn't

The roots of the 1919 Black Sox scandal can be found in the 1918 World Series, which saw the Boston Red Sox attempt to strike after baseball owners cut their pay.
Jack Moore
joey votto's great summer

Joey Votto Is Having a Better Summer than You

Joey Votto is enjoying one of the best seasons of his career, and one of the greatest second-half performances in MLB history.
Chris Toman