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Canadian Indie Music Icons Are Turning to Theatre

Members of Broken Social Scene and Billy Talent are producing plays in hopes of connecting to a less-smartphone connected audience.
Graham Isador

Meet Big Shiny Tunes, the Canadian Cover Band That Plays Your Favourite Songs from 'Big Shiny Tunes,' the CDs

"If someone yells “Freebird,” we will ask them politely, yet firmly, to leave."
Cam Lindsay
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Billy Talent Drummer Aaron Solowonuik Takes Break Due to MS Relapse

Fellow Canadian and Alexisonfire's drummer Jordan Hastings will take over in the interim.
Noisey Canada Staff

Unexpected Live Moments: Seeing Alexisonfire's Last Performance

We unknowingly witnessed Alexisonfire's final performance in their hometown of St. Catherines.
Andrew Baulcomb

Billy Talent Released A Greatest Hits Album And We Asked Them Why

We spoke to the frontman of one of Canada's biggest loud rock bands about being huge in Germany and his moment with David Bowie.
Cam Lindsay

Retrospective Reviews: Billy Talent - 'Self-Titled'

An introduction to the self titled debut of punk-rock band, Billy Talent
Juliette Jagger
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We Regret Ruining Our Shoes at Toronto's Riot Fest

If Riot Fest taught us anything about the state of punk music, it's that punk isn't dead, but it belongs on a side stage at 4PM when no one is really paying attention.
VICE Staff
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We're Giving Away a Bunch of 2-Day Passes to Toronto's Riot Fest

We're giving away 2-day passes to see your favourite bands and all you have to do is email us!
Noisey Canada Staff

Reverend Billy Talen Faces a Year in Prison for Protesting in a Chase Bank

Reverend Billy Talen and his Stop Shopping Choir led a theatrical demonstration inside of a Chase bank protesting Chase's investment in greenhouse gas-emitting industries. Now Billy is facing charges of rioting, menacing, and disorderly conduct.
Peter Rugh