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Listen to Weezer Cover TLC, Black Sabbath and More on ‘The Teal Album’

After their "Africa" cover miraculously came into existence last year, Rivers Cuomo and co have decided to release a whole damn covers album.
Shaad D’Souza

Let Us Rejoice in Sleep's Much Welcome Return to Stoner Metal

With 'The Sciences,' the band's first album in 15 years, the high priests of heavy metal's weed church demonstrate why they're legends.
Christopher Krovatin
The Noisey Guide to

The Guide to Getting into Electric Wizard

Gaze into the depths of the British stoner doom titans' hazy catalogue, and marvel at what awaits as you descend into the Crypt of the Wizard.
Harry Sword
blind spots

Japanese Breakfast Listens to Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' for the First Time

Welcome to the first installment of Blind Spots, in which we force some of our favorite artists to finally check out the most famous albums they've never heard.
Josh Terry
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A Brief History of the Trill in Heavy Metal

The stylistic embellishment, most commonly used in classical music, has found a second life on a variety of heavy metal albums.
Zach Painter
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Godspeed You! Black Emperor's "Anthem for No State" Is Scary but Kickass

Ever wonder what Black Sabbath would sound like covering Ennio Morricone? Here you go.
Phil Witmer
Weed Week

10 Stoner Metal Albums Ranked by a Metalhead Who Doesn't Smoke Weed

I hate weed, but love riffs.
Kim Kelly
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See the Beautiful Hell That Was Hellfest 2016

France's iconic metal festival turned 11 and we witnessed the glory that is Sabbath, Refused, Turnstile, and more—plus a massive new statue of our hero, Lemmy.
Julio Ificada

Becky Cloonan Is the Most Metal Artist in the Marvel Universe

When she’s not writing high-profile comics like 'The Punisher' or drawing Batman, the Texas-based artist is creating art for bands, music festivals—and even Black Sabbath.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Obama approves airstrikes in Afghanistan, thousands are expected to line the streets of Louisville today to mourn Muhammad Ali, Google's co-founder is funding flying car start-ups, and more.
Vice Beta
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13 Reasons Why Black Sabbath is the Most Important Band That Ever Lived

Ahead of tonight's sold-out Madison Square Garden show tonight, let's remember the many reasons why Sabbath is still the best.
Nathan Carson

Magic Circle: Black Sabbath Worship from Boston Hardcore’s Finest

If the new Magic Circle LP was playing on your local classic rock radio station, you would probably assume you were head banging to Ozzy.
Reed Dunlea