Earth Day

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Listen to a Lovely Green Day Cover Album for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Organized by members of Pinegrove and friends, 'Earth Day' benefits victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
Phil Witmer

How We're Screwing Ourselves Out of New Cancer Drugs and Zika Meds

Coral reefs are a drug-development goldmine, and as a result of bleaching we're killing our chances of using them in lifesaving treatments.
Maggie Puniewska
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We Asked a Smart Person How You Can Not Be an Idiot and Help Save the Environment at Music Festivals

Happy Earth Day!
Andrea Domanick
Earth Day

10 Things You Can Do to Save the Planet the Next Time You Go to a Music Festival

Tips from DJ and environmental activist The Polish Ambassador, just in time for Earth Day.
David Garber

We Talked to the Guy Who Swam New York’s Horrifically Polluted Gowanus Canal for Earth Day

"The weirdest thing about the water here is that you can feel the greasiness on your gloves. And you can't see your own gloves in the water because there is so much goop. "
John Surico
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Fighting Climate Change with A-Trak, Louisahhh!!! and a Man Named Bananas

Take that, carbon footprints.
David Garber

EARTH DAY NEWS! Smugglers of Endangered-Species Meat Crash into Coral Reef

Happy Earth Day! If you’re in second grade, I hope you enjoyed painting a paper plate blue and green and singing “Recycle Me Maybe” at today’s assembly. If you’re not in second grade, I hope you enjoyed doing nothing out of the ordinary at all. Here’s...
Mike Pearl