foreign buyers tax


2017 was the year of the condo in Canada's biggest cities

Condo prices in Toronto rose by 22% this year despite new housing rules


Should Canada place a ban on foreign home buyers?

A move by New Zealand to ban foreigners from buying homes has prompted debate on whether Canada should do the same


In Toronto, condominiums have managed to dodge the real estate slowdown

“We have reached a point where there aren’t too many parking lots left to build on.”


Toronto home prices plunge 14 percent in two months

In just 2 months, the average price of a home plunged 14%


Toronto home prices drop six percent in May 2017

But prices still remain 15 percent higher than they were a year ago


Ontario to impose 15 percent tax on foreign buyers

But some economists warn rent control measures could backfire


Toronto home prices jump 33 percent

“Speculators are buying homes, holding it for a year, and selling”