htc downtown sound

    • 6.21.13

      All of Our Downtown Sound Parties in One Crazy Video

      We can't believe the Downtown Sound program is actually over. Somehow traveling all around the country to throw five different parties and make ten videos along the way went by in the blink of our hungover eye.

    • 6.12.13

      Eating Burgers and Riding a Ferry with Cold Warps

      It's a bittersweet thing to say that this is the very last video of our Downtown Sound series, co-presented by our good friends over at HTC Canada. We went all around the country, ate a whole bunch of food, saw a whole bunch of bands, and did a whole...

    • 6.4.13

      Renting Videos and Devouring Donairs with Ryan Hemsworth

      Ryan Hemsworth is so popular on the internet he might need his own internet soon. Before he gets too hot for his own good, we took him around Halifax and threw him a party with our pals at HTC.

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    • 5.6.13

      Climbing a Mountain and Visiting a Church with Lunice

      Checkin' out a church, a mountain, an art gallery, and then partying our faces off with the phenomenal Lunice.

    • 5.2.13

      Burritos and Totem Pole Watching with Needles//Pins

      For the second episode of our Vancouver stopover, we met up with the great people of Needles and Pins and they took us out for burritos, a beach visit, and a historical lesson about totem poles.

    • 4.25.13

      Coffee and a Peace Garden with Ladyhawk

      What's more Vancouver than strolling around a peace garden, going record shopping, eating a bunch of food, drinking a bunch of coffee, then playing a bunch of rad tunes live—courtesy of one of the city's greatest bands ever—Ladyhawk.

    • 4.18.13

      Pho and Beers with BADBADNOTGOOD

      For the second episode of our Downtown Sound series, co-presented by our pals over at HTC Canada, we took out the world's greatest hip-hop jazz nerd band BADBADNOTGOOD out for pho and beers (and then more beers).

    • 4.10.13

      Jerk Chicken Poutine and a Vintage Shop Crawl with Raz Fresco

      For the first episode of our cross-Canada series Downtown Sound, put on in cooperation with our friends at HTC Canada, we met up with one of the Toronto's most amazing up and coming rappers Raz Fresco.