Trump Says He's 'Seriously' Considering Ending Birthright Citizenship

He called the constitutional right "frankly ridiculous."
Gaby Del Valle
4 hours ago

Trump Wants to Keep Migrant Kids in Detention Indefinitely

New Trump regulation guts the Flores Agreement, which limited the amount of time children can be held in custody to 20 days.
Gaby Del Valle
8 hours ago

Border Patrol Won’t Give the Flu Vaccine to Detained Kids

Flu season typically starts in October and ends in May, but attorneys who visited Border Patrol stations in Texas in June reported flu and lice outbreaks at each facility they toured.
Gaby Del Valle
10 hours ago

The Jews Organizing Against ICE to Stop Concentration Camps

Across the country, Jews have been relentlessly mobilizing against ICE to prove that when they say Never Again, they mean it.
Leila Ettachfini
a day ago

ICE “Deliberately” Denies Medical Care to Detainees, Lawsuit Says

Two diabetic immigrants have been denied insulin, the suit alleges, among a host of other complaints from detainees in eight ICE facilities.
Gaby Del Valle
2 days ago

Mexican Smugglers Hid 4 Tons of Weed in a Truck Full of Jalapeños

Customs and Border Protection agents cracked open the truck and found a different kind of green.
Gaby Del Valle
2 days ago

Trump Is Now Going to Make Life Hell for Immigrants With Disabilities

Trumps's new "public charge" rule would deny a visa or green card to immigrants who rely on government assistance.
Emma Ockerman
Morgan Baskin
Gaby Del Valle

Trump Is Scaring Immigrants Away from Healthcare Services to Help the Rich

The new public charge rule was created to isolate working class people from the healthcare benefits they need to survive.
Adam Gaffney

Democrats Went to Guatemala After Trump's Asylum Deal. They Say it Will Be a Disaster.

Guatemala cannot care for its own people, let alone thousands of others who would be applying for asylum there under Trump's policy.
Matt Laslo

Border Patrol Agent Who Called Migrants “Savages” Pleads Guilty After Hitting Guatemalan with Truck

The agent admitted to intentionally hitting a Guatemalan migrant with a truck.
Kelly Vinett

True Self-Care Is Not About You

The concept is marketed as an isolating, individual activity, but the best self-care is learning to take care of each other.
Angie Jaime
migrant smuggling

Marines Were Snatched Out of Formation in Mass Arrest Connected to Human Smuggling

"Information gained from a previous human smuggling investigation precipitated the arrests"
Tim Marcin