Seven Syrian Refugee Children Dead After Halifax House Fire

A neighbour of the family said the children’s ages range from three months to 17-years-old.
Mack Lamoureux
2 days ago
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Trump's Phony Emergency Pushed America a Little Closer Toward a Real Crisis

It's another step down a road that could lead to the end of American democracy.
Harry Cheadle
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US Congress Is a Broken Debating Society for Millionaires

The latest compromise to avert a government shutdown underscores how little legislative ability the legislative branch actually has.
Harry Cheadle

I Was Pulled Off a Bus and Humiliated by US Border Patrol

The author of a viral Twitter thread talks about how his run-in with aggressive law enforcement officers who he says called him an 'illegal.'
Justin Caffier

Guatemala's 'Slow-Motion Coup' Is Causing Migrants to Flee to the US

The real crisis Trump should focus on, experts say, is hundreds of miles south of the US-Mexico border.
Cole Kazdin
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'Roma' Actor Might Miss Oscars Because the US Keeps on Denying His Visa

He's been denied three times over the past year.
River Donaghey

Justin Trudeau’s Town Hall Goes Off The Rails, Again

Y’all ready for an election?
Mack Lamoureux
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There's a Simple Way Out of the Shutdown Democrats Could Offer Trump

They should pull a page from the Mitch McConnell playbook.
Harry Cheadle

Here's What Would Happen if Trump Declared a National Emergency to Build a Wall

It would set off a legal battle and lead to the executive branch clawing away even more power from Congress. But Trump might get away with it.
Harry Cheadle

What Life Is Like in the Town Where Trump Is Actually Building His Wall

El Paso, Texas, has become a laboratory for the administration's immigration policy—much to the anger of many residents.
Justin Glawe
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Republicans Don't Really Want to Secure the Border

The GOP could have gotten money for border security and even built Trump's wall if they were willing to deal with Democrats. But the party has instead embraced anti-immigration extremism.
Harry Cheadle

Inside the Trauma-Filled Camp of Migrants Waiting at the US Border

The caravan has become an encampment of hundreds of people who are trapped between countries in Tijuana and facing dangerous conditions.
Meredith Hoffman