Mexico Is Caving to Trump on Immigration

“They’re just doing what the U.S. tells them to do, which is regulating migration.”
David Noriega
4 days ago

This Youth Pastor Is Only the 2nd Person under Trump's Remain in Mexico Program to Gain Asylum

Since the policy went into effect almost 8 months ago, some 40,000 have been forced to wait in Mexico while their asylum cases play out.
Gaby Del Valle
4 days ago

How a 'Fake Guru' Set Up a 'Wild Wild Country'-Style Commune in the Mexican Jungle

Former followers of Ozen Rajneesh accuse the guru of being a 'fake,' cheating them out of thousands of dollars, and mishandling the disappearance of a commune member.
Hilary Beaumont

These Two People Can Now Legally Use Cocaine in Mexico

A Mexican judge ruled that private use of cocaine "doesn't put one's health at great risk."
Emily Green
food news

Brutal Murder of 19 People in Mexico Could Be Related to Avocado Trade, Expert Says

A researcher believes the horrifying public display of bodies that took place in Uruapan this week stems back to the high demand for avocados.
Jelisa Castrodale

We Have Just ‘Days’ to Save This Rare Endangered Porpoise From Extinction

A new study estimates that there are likely just 9 vaquita porpoises left in the world. According to a co-author, we have just days to act on effectively enforcing a ban on illegal fishing nets.
Madeleine Gregory
food news

Burger King Manager Accepts Apology From Women Who Told Him to 'Go Back to Mexico'

Ricardo Castillo—who is Puerto Rican—not only forgave them, but also said he hoped someone would set up a GoFundMe for the women who berated him.
Jelisa Castrodale
Drugs & Crime

It's Game of Thrones in Cartel Land Now That El Chapo's in Prison for Life

In Mexico, his sons could struggle to survive.
Deborah Bonello

The Largest Algae Bloom in World History Is Now Off the Florida Coast

Researchers are tracking the algae Sargassum, which has created record blooms nearly every since 2011.
Madeleine Gregory
Cartel Chronicles

Tired of Smuggling Humans Over the Border, Mexican Cartels Are Refocusing on Drugs

This does not bode well for overdoses in the U.S.
Deborah Bonello

Inside the Ornate World of El Chapo Nail Art

"Narco fashion is huge. It's such a part of our culture, it's so woven into our cultural fabric as Mexicans."
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria
Cartel Chronicles

How One of Mexico's Biggest Cartels Is Trying to Dominate the Country's Wildest West

In a shift in the drug war, Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación is convincing self-defense groups representing southwestern Mexico's rural poor to fight the government.
Deborah Bonello