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Formula 1

Lance Stroll's F1 Podium Race Is a Big Middle Finger to Jacques Villeneuve

Weeks after Villeneuve said Stroll is having one of the worst rookie seasons in Formula 1 history, the 18-year-old had the best race of his career.
Kyle Cantlon
Formula 1

Jacques Villeneuve: Lance Stroll 'One of the Worst' Rookies in F1 History

Stroll, 18, has struggled immensely as the first Canadian F1 driver since Villeneuve.
Kyle Cantlon
Formula 1

Montreal's Legendary F1 Circuit Is Part of the Canadian Grand Prix Allure

The picturesque GP has retained its character and turned into the country's largest sporting event, thanks to passionate fans and a classic, unchanged track.
Matthew Walthert
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Flat Track Motorcycling Is All About Ripping Dirt and Slapping Butts

Flat track enthusiasts in rural Ontario are encouraging new riders, one ass-grab at a time.
Ryan Johansen
Indy 500

Denver Post Writer Terry Frei Fired for Racist Tweet About Indy 500 Winner

It made the former ESPN writer "uncomfortable" that a Japanese man won on Memorial Day.
Liam Daniel Pierce

How an 18-Year-Old Became a Racing Prodigy Without Leaving His Bedroom

Rising motorsports star William Byron credits much of his real-world success to virtual racing.
Mike Vorkunov
motor sports

Meet the 16-Year-Old Racer Who Doesn't Have His Driver's Licence

Up-and-coming race car driver Robert Megennis, who's homeschooled by an English father and Korean mother in New York City, has developed a passion for a sport as unique as he is.
Oren Weisfeld