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Ten Reasons to Keep Heckling In the House of Commons

Sometimes it’s pretty entertaining watching politicians act like school children.


Alberta Judge Apologizes for ‘Keep Your Legs Closed’ Comment at Sex Assault Trial

One law professor said she had never seen such bad conduct by a judge.


The Contenders to Lead the Conservative Party, Ranked

Who is gonna be the new Stephen Harper?


The Head of the NSA Is on a Charm Offensive

Admiral Michael Rogers took his apology tour to Canada in order to repair relations with the citizenry it spied on.


Foiled Halifax Shooting Suspect’s Tumblr Filled with Nazi GIFs, Columbine References

Despite internet presences celebrating the Columbine shooters and Nazis, the would-be perpetrators of a mass shooting in Halifax were not terrorists, according to authorities.


Canada’s Supreme Court Has Legalized Assisted Suicide

Until this morning, physician-assisted suicide was a criminal offence in Canada and could result in criminal prosecution for any person who "aids or abets a person to commit suicide."


The Harper Government Still Thinks CSE Is Acting Legally

Even though we all know your downloads of Game of Thrones are getting snooped on right this second.


Canada’s New Anti-Terror Bill Is Everything You Hoped It Wasn’t

Beefed-up spy powers, infringing on online free speech, government agencies sharing your personal information. You know, all the good stuff.


Here’s the Harper Government’s Game Plan for the Next Four Months

Security, justice, and a (hopefully) balanced budget are all on Harper's to-do list.


Justice Minister Admits New Bill Could Criminalize Canada’s Anti-Pipeline Protesters

New legislation seeks to criminalize protesters that interrupt "critical infrastructure," which could lead to serious consequences for movements like the Burnaby Mountain protests.


More Refusal to Address Indigenous Deaths. Plus, the Emmys Are Sexist

This week's Lady Business tackles the Harper government's steadfast refusal to open an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women, and the Emmy's sexist Sofia Vergara stunt.


Canadian Sex Workers Are Speaking Out Against The Conservatives’ Prostitution Law

6 months after the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the country’s prostitution laws as unconstitutional for failing to protect sex workers, the Conservative government is set to pass new legislation that seems poised to make the problem worse.