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How Ted Cruz Became the Fiery New Prince of the Religious Right

After years of backing affably naive Bible-thumpers, Christian conservatives have finally found a presidential candidate that can win.


How Black LIves Matter Could Decide the 2016 Presidential Campaign

Johnetta Elzie and Deray McKeeson have emerged as the de facto spokespeople of a new civil rights movement.


The Most Surprising Moment from Wednesday's Republican Presidential Debate

Drug decriminalization and criminal justice reform were practically forgone conclusions at the latest 2016 presidential debate.


What Every Republican Gets Wrong About Immigration

Amid all the right-wing hysteria over amnesty and border security, the GOP doesn't seem to have noticed that the threat they promise to eliminate isn't much of a threat anymore.


Chris Christie Doesn't Care That His 2016 Campaign Is Going Terribly

The New Jersey governor doesn't seem to mind that Republicans aren't sold on his angry fat man schtick: "There is only one Chris Christie, everybody, and this is it."