Sinaloa Cartel


Cartel Was Smuggling Meth Into Canada in Ford Cars Built in Mexico, Police Say

Police seized 180kg of meth, valued at about $4-million, found in new vehicles shipped into Canada from a Mexican Ford factory.
Rachel Browne

Tijuana’s Tourism Is Booming Even as the Homicide Rate Spikes

Over 2,300 people have been murdered in 2018 thus far, an increase from 1,647 homicides in 2017.
Alejandra Sánchez Inzunza
José Luis Pardo Veiras
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How a Brooklyn Gang May Have Gotten Crazy Rich Dealing for El Chapo

Experts suspect the Sinaloa Cartel of supplying heroin to Bushwick Crew, a flashy street gang cops say lived hard, fast, and deadly.
Francisco Alvarado

What It's Like to Be Married to a Mexican Drug Trafficker

"Two days before my daughter was born, they kidnapped my husband's bodyguard. At dawn on the day she was born, we found him hanging from a bridge."
Andrea Juárez

One Man Dissolved Dozens of Bodies and Dumped Them in This Mass Grave in Mexico

Eight years ago, Santiago Meza admitted to carrying out horrible acts on behalf of drug cartels. The authorities still haven't sentenced him, but on the land in Tijuana where he "worked," the evidence continues to pile up.
Laura Sánchez Ley
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Cops involved in Alton Sterling's death duck federal charges, dozens killed in ISIS attack on Syrian refugee camp, ​NSA collected millions of phone records last year, and more.
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The State Department announced it will release all of Clinton's emails, Australia will close its offshore Manus Island detention center, Lady Gaga will star in Bradley Cooper's 'A Star Is Born' remake, and more.
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Heartbreaking Photos of People Displaced by Mexico's Drug Violence

For years, Fernando Brito has been documenting crime and its consequences in his home state of Sinaloa.
Nathaniel Janowitz, Photos by Fernando Brito
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The President of Mexico Says El Chapo Has Been Captured (Again)

The Sinaloa Cartel boss has been on the lam since escaping from a maximum-security prison in July.
VICE Staff
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No, the Sinaloa Cartel Doesn't Have Beef with ISIS

After an email went viral claiming that El Chapo had declared war on ISIS, the author behind the original report admitted that it was all satirical.
Michael Cuby

What's Going to Happen to the Sinaloa Cartel Now That 'El Chapo' Is Free?

We asked Malcolm Beith, author of a biography called 'The Last Narco', about how Mexico's biggest organized crime ring works, and the odd of its ruthless kingpin quietly retiring now that he's free again.
Allie Conti

An 89-Year-Old Drug Mule Is Threatening to Kill Himself Rather Than Face Jail Time

If given jail time, he says he'll "get a goddamn gun and shoot myself in the mouth or the ear, one or the other." If he's not bluffing, that's happening this coming Wednesday.
Mike Pearl