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‘Dragon Quest Builders 2’ Is a Giant To-Do List, and I Love It

It's better than the original in nearly every way.
Cameron Kunzelman
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Here's What We Learned About 'Watch Dogs: Legion' After an Hour with the Game

Plus, hands on with 'Roller Champions' and all the news from the Ubisoft and Square-Enix press conferences.
VICE Staff
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We Need to Talk About 'Final Fantasy VII' And Spoilers

A whole generation of players didn't experience [blank]. Are we allowed to talk about [blank]?
Patrick Klepek
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Praise Yevon: Some Lunatic Replaced the 'Final Fantasy X' Soundtrack with the Tidus Laugh

This is the worst thing to happen to the franchise since the battle system in 'Final Fantasy XIII.'
Phil Witmer

In Conversation with ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Director Hajime Tabata

Discussing the game's delay, the importance of making it perfect for everyone, and the most popular characters amongst cosplayers.
Mike Diver

'Deus Ex' Is Back (Again), but the Formula Is Growing Stale

It's been five years since Deus Ex was brought back from the dead, but a new sequel suggests change is in order.
Patrick Klepek

The Elusive Targets of 'Hitman' Transform It into Transient Art

Most games let you load a save when you mess up, but in <i>Hitman</i>'s Elusive Target mode, you only get one chance. Don't screw up.
Julie Muncy

A Look Back at the Folly of ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’

The video game movie was a box office bomb for Square, and a disaster for the Final Fantasy franchise. But could history repeat with 'Final Fantasy XV'?
Mike Diver

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Isn’t Just a Video Game—It’s a Whole New Universe

Released on September 30, Square Enix's new RPG is supported by a movie, an animated series, and more.
Mike Diver

'Hitman' Asks Gamers to Be Patient and Precise

The new 'Hitman' can't be played like most triple-A games, and is both fascinating and frustrating for its refined restrictions.
Mike Diver

The Puzzling ‘Hitman GO’ Is an Addictive Alternative to Its Parent Game

Out now on PlayStation 4 and Vita, Square Enix Montréal's mobile hit is both gorgeous and approachable in its 'Definitive Edition.'
Mike Diver
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A Completely Spoilers-Filled Interview with the Makers of ‘Life Is Strange’

Co-directors Michel Koch and Raoul Barbet discuss their game's heavyweight themes of bullying and assisted suicide.
Mike Diver