Inside the Affordable Chinatown Haven That Narrowly Avoided ‘Renoviction’

Residents of the May Wah still pay less than $500 a month—a rare exception in a rapidly gentrifying Vancouver neighbourhood.
Joanna Chiu

These Photos Helped Me Understand My Dad's Overdose Death

Photographer Jackie Dives talks about the double exposures that helped her process the grief of losing a parent to addiction.
Jackie Dives

Life Inside Vancouver’s Most Notorious Housing Block

Meet the tenants living in the city’s most complained-about single room occupancy hotels.
Geoff Webb
Our Man in San Fran

How to Break into the San Francisco Giants' Baseball Stadium

This is the last in a four-part series on housing the substantial homeless population in San Francisco. Randy showed us what it's like living in the margins of America's most overpriced city.
Jules Suzdaltsev
Our Man in San Fran

I Spent the Day with a Man Who Says He's Been Stabbed 13 Times

Jeff's been to hell and back.
Jules Suzdaltsev
Our Man in San Fran

Meet the Guy Who Earns His Living Drawing Peanuts Characters on Their Period

Living in an SRO means you're either one step out of homelessness or one step away from it. As part of our series on housing the homeless in San Francisco, we talked to a man who spends his days wandering between bars in the Mission and drawing dirty...
Jules Suzdaltsev
Our Man in San Fran

Visiting the Last Remnants of San Francisco's Low Income Apartment Buildings

San Francisco's SROs (single room occupancy housing) once used to function as low-cost dormitory-style apartments for the city's artists, students, and transient workers. In the first in a three-part series, we look at SROs today: mismanaged apartments...
Jules Suzdaltsev