the 90s were great


Free Drinks and Sex on the Beach: My Time Working as a Holiday Rep for Club Med 

People on vacation, walking around half-naked and drinking all day – it was the definition of sex for sex's sake.


King Missile's John S. Hall Is a Sensitive Artist (Who Works at a Law Firm)

John S. Hall’s Twitter bio says that he “Had a band for a while—King Missile.” That band created the briefly popular song, "Detachable Penis," which made Hall briefly popular. But those days are over, and Hall now spends his days working as an...


Old People Hate Hipsters, Justin Bieber, and Kurt Cobain, Poll Shows

A Public Policy Polling survey of voters showed that Americans hate Bieber, haven't really heard of Skrillex, and have never downloaded any music illegally. In other news, the average American voter polled in these things is OLD.