Treaty 8


I'm Depressed, But Is That Actually a Problem?

Maybe my depression isn't the problem. Maybe it's a collective symptom of being a black person in Australia.


Justin Trudeau Says Canada Will Totally Make Sure China Won’t Execute Criminals It Sends Back

Critics worry Canada would be unable to enforce the extradition treaty it is negotiating with China.


Canada Agreed to Work on Extradition Treaty with China Just Before They Released an Accused Canuck Spy

One former Canadian diplomat told VICE the events are likely linked.


BC First Nations Lawsuit to Halt Industrial Development Seen as National ‘Game-Changer’

If the lawsuit is successful, it may open the door for First Nations across the country to file similar suits.


Dene People in Northern Saskatchewan Are Resisting Uranium and Tar Sands Mining

While public attention focuses on oil sands extraction in Alberta, a group of remote northern Dene trappers are fighting to preserve some of their traditional land from uranium miners.


A First Nations Community Has Blockaded Their Gulf Islands Territory Over Valuable Phallic Clams

The Chemainus First Nation say they’ve been let down by a recent Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) policy decision to restrict their ability to culture geoducks, a hugely valuable clam species that is already harvested commercially in the area.