Vincent D’Onofrio Won’t Call His 'Daredevil' Character a Villain

With the Marvel show's return, we had a chance to speak with the legendary actor about returning to the suit of the Kingpin.
Noel Ransome
13 hours ago

The Best Episodes From All 20 Years of ‘Law & Order: SVU’

I’ve watched all 438 episodes of the infamous sex crime show. Here’s what I learned.
Amil Niazi
19 hours ago

'The Conners' Creates More Problems Than It Solves

The whole franchise probably should have ended after Roseanne Barr's racist tirade.
Taylor Hosking
21 hours ago
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RIP 'Nathan for You'

Comedy Central says the show will not return, but maybe this is all just another elaborate hoax.
River Donaghey
2 days ago

I Sent Fake Versions of Myself On TV and Everyone Fell for It

I'm no good at doing press for my shed story, so thought it might be fun to get some other people to do it instead.
Oobah Butler
2 days ago

How Two Women on 'Bachelor' Vietnam Found Love with Each Other

"I wanted to go home with her. It was just that simple."
Nicole Clark
3 days ago

Pop Culture Taught Me How To Hide My Autism

Around my parents I was Angela from ‘My So Called Life,’ with my friends it was Cher from ‘Clueless,’ and in front of boys I became Alice from ‘Closer.’
Madeleine Ryan
3 days ago

I Can’t Stop Watching YouTube Doctors Pick Apart TV Shows

This new genre of job-specific reaction videos is so damn satisfying.
Shailee Koranne
3 days ago

Daredevil's New Showrunner Knows Why Fans Complain About Netflix Shows

We spoke with Erik Oleson about the political themes that inspired the best season of ‘Daredevil’ to date.
Noel Ransome
4 days ago

Alec Baldwin Does a Better Trump Impression Off-Screen

The actor and the president he parodies on 'Saturday Night Live' have a lot in common.
Eve Peyser
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'Game of Thrones' Reportedly Had 'Drone Killers' to Combat Spoilers

HBO was apparently ready to shoot drones out of the skies to protect the show's secrets.
River Donaghey

Check Out the First Trailer for the New Season of 'Making a Murderer'

New episodes are heading to Netflix next week.
River Donaghey