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Why I Didn't Vote

What It Feels Like to Be Disenfranchised by US Voter ID Law

I had a birth certificate, a photo ID, and utility bills proving my residency. But Tennessee decided that wasn't good enough.
Davis Winkie
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Voter ID Laws Result in Fewer Non-White People Voting and Favor Republicans, Says Study

The authors of the study say that critics of the controversial laws are right: Requiring voters to show photo ID before casting ballots tilts election results rightward.
VICE Staff

Canadians Seek to Halt Fair Elections Act, Compare It to Voter Suppression in the US

When the Fair Elections Act came into effect last December, it removed the option of using your voter information card as ID, meaning if you only have one piece of valid ID and it doesn't have your current address, you may be shit out of luck.
Hilary Beaumont

America's Most Right-Wing Elections Official Is Gearing Up to Start Prosecuting Voters

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach sees election criminals lurking behind every polling booth. Now the state legislature is about to give him the prosecutorial power to do something about it.
Spencer Woodman

I Spent Election Day Getting Out the Vote with Cosmo's Male Models

Cosmopolitan sent a party bus full of male models to get out the vote in North Carolina on Tuesday. Turns out, they were needed.
Aaron Lake Smith

The Harper Government Wants to Bring American Style Voter ID Laws to Canada

Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is attempting to bring US style voter suppression to Canada in a new legislative bid they claim will prevent voter fraud, though the evidence suggests otherwise.
Muna Mire