Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon is a senior writer for Motherboard.

road trip

This Guy Is Crossing the Country In Google Street View, One Click at a Time

A Harvard sophomore is driving across the country on Google Street View, because this is the world we live in now.
Aaron Gordon

How Uber Turned a Promising Bikeshare Company Into Literal Garbage

JUMP wanted to create a better, more bike-friendly world. Former employees told Motherboard how getting acquired by Uber led to JUMP bikes being destroyed by the thousands.
Aaron Gordon
george floyd

There Needs to Be Consequences

The George Floyd protests are, at their core, about being done with living in a society where people get away with crimes and cheat the rest of us.
Aaron Gordon

Coronavirus Is Not a Good Reason to Abandon Cities

Coronavirus has raised the question of whether density in cities is good or bad. The answer depends on what politicians do next.
Aaron Gordon

Out of An Abundance of Caution, I Have No Clue What to Do

Someone at my office may have been exposed to coronavirus. Should I go to my nephew’s birthday party this weekend?
Aaron Gordon
Silicon Valley

Everything Is Innovative When You Ignore the Past

As it invents the future, Silicon Valley has never cared much about the past. Maybe it’s afraid of what it might find.
Aaron Gordon

People Are Jailbreaking Used Teslas to Get the Features They Expect

Tesla is getting more aggressive in revoking paid software features on used cars, raising the stakes in a battle over what used Teslas can do that has raged for years.
Aaron Gordon
climate change

Softbank’s CEO Is Helping Indonesia Build a New Capital

Tony Blair and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi are also lending a hand. What could possibly go wrong?
Aaron Gordon