Your Beauty Habit Is Destroying the Environment

These makeup artists and influencers want the cosmetics industry to start changing before we're buried in tonnes of plastic.
Shayma Bakht
4 days ago
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Japanese Millennials are Apparently Buying Second-Hand Makeup

The new trend sees young people turning to second-hand products to save money and avoid waste.
Meera Navlakha
4 days ago
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Indian Youtubers Are Being Criticized for Taking Up This Beauty Challenge

What started off as a worldwide trend has come to reveal some ugly truths about economic disparity in the country.
Meera Navlakha

Meet The Artist Haunting Instagram With Her Eerie Beauty Looks

Pyro Muse draws inspiration from the Victorian era, porcelain dolls, and antique treasures she finds in secondhand shops.
Rolien Zonneveld
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The Dalai Lama Feels His Female Successor Has to Be Attractive or There’s “Not Much Use”

​He also said that people would not like to see a “dead face” and that women should “spend money on makeup”.
Shamani Joshi

'Ugly Ducklings' On How People Treated Them When They Got Hot

How the "halo effect" has changed their lives.
Amelia Tait

What Your Makeup Bag Says About You

Whether you are All Glossier Everything or Estée Lauder Double Wear, please come to my altar to be roasted.
Lauren O'Neill

Making an Appearance at a Conference for Ugly People

At the first annual Ugly Conference, attendees aren't trying to "reclaim" anything. They're just trying to be seen as they are.
Rebecca Brill
Noisey News

Ariana Grande Is Creating a 'thank u, next' Beauty Line

The "7 Rings" singer wants you to find some space on your shelf for her 'thank u, next' inspired beauty line.
Kristin Corry
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Do Old People Think Other Old People Are Hot?

"You find a few women that are older around my age, but I think you’ve got to be under 50 to make me turn my head."
Rhi Holmes

How Double Eyelid Surgery Has Become a Rite of Passage for Many South Korean Youths

Living in a society obsessed with public perception and appearance, many young South Koreans are going under the knife to elevate their social status, boost their wealth, land a better job and find the perfect partner.
Yae-Jin Ha

This Bangladeshi Photographer’s Work on Beauty Will Give You Nightmares

In the series 'Concealed,' Bangladeshi photographer Habiba Nowrose explores the sacrifice women make every day to fit society's standards of beauty.
Mustika Hapsoro