Jeremy Corbyn Told Us Why He's Relatable

We sat down with the Labour leader ahead of the general election.

by VICE Staff
11 December 2019, 12:43pm

Image: VICE

There's a general election tomorrow.

You might have seen us shouting about it, or visiting swing seats where Tory MPs have the slimmest majorities, or examining what the three biggest parties' manifestos say about the most important issues, or – just today – looking at how a decade of Conservative rule has crippled the UK, via the medium of some very pretty graphs.

Now, watch VICE UK's Executive Editor Zing Tsjeng speak to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn about the climate crisis, Brexit and the importance of using your vote tomorrow. Oh, and unlike Boris, he answered when we asked what makes him relatable.

Jeremy Corbyn
General Election 2019