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Teenage Bullfighters

Michelito Lagravere killed his first bull when he was six years old.

by Rhys James
10 June 2014, 6:00am

Michelito Lagravere is 16. The day he was born, his bullfighter father was battling a bull. At four years old, Lagravere would run around his house with a towel and "fight" his pet dog. He killed his first calf at six. At 11, he killed six bulls in a single day. By age 14, Lagravere officially turned into the youngest bullfighter ever.

For this episode of Profiles by VICE, we went to Merida, on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, to meet this young bullfighter, his parents and his younger brother André "El Galo," who is poised to follow in his brother's footsteps. The Lagravere brothers are destined for greatness in an old (and questionable) Mexican tradition.