Growing a Small Amount of Weed in the UK Is Basically Legal, Says Top Cop

The leader of the National Police Chiefs Council said that small grow operations are likely to be merely "recorded" rather than investigated.

by Carlton Férment
29 July 2015, 9:57am

Some little weed plants (Photo by A7nubis via)

Some little weed plants (Photo by A7nubis via)

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More good news for weed smokers. Following a petition to legalise cannabis attracting enough signatures to be raised in Parliament, and Durham's Police and Crime Commissioner effectively decriminalising pot, a senior police chief has said that cracking down on weed has "never been a top priority", and that if police forces are made aware that small-scale cannabis farms might be operating, they would probably only "record" the fact, rather than carrying out an investigation.

Leader of the National Police Chiefs Council, Sara Thornton, said: "Crime is changing in this country. There are a lot fewer burglaries than there used to be, and a lot less car crime. The sorts of crimes that are on the increase – sexual offences, concerns about terrorism, cyber crime – that's where we really need to focus.

Thornton also warned that those reporting a burglary should no longer expect officers to turn up at their house, due to a shift in focus following budget cuts and staff losses. "We need to move from reacting to those traditional crimes, to thinking about focusing on threat and harm and risk and really protecting the public," she said.

The former Thames Valley Police Chief says she wants to dedicate more police time to the threats of cyber crime and child endangerment, and believes that, on trend with the last four years, budgets for policing will be cut again.

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