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The Cultural Atrocities Issue

Behind the Debauchery

The 'Spring Breakers' set was so open and safe that everyone felt comfortable going crazy.

by Words and Photos by Annabel Mehran
20 March 2013, 8:15am

One of my favorite photos of Rachel Korine. She is a huge fan of Gucci Mane, and, while he can be difficult to read, I think he was a big fan of hers, too. I mean, who wouldn't be? She crochets!

I’ve known Harmony Korine for many years; we’ve been friends through thick and thin, good times and bad. I feel like every element of Spring Breakers was him creating an environment where people felt really open and safe – perhaps so they were comfortable going crazy (in a fun way). The fact that he brought this cast together – James Franco, Gucci Mane, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and his wife, Rachel – was a sign that this movie was going to be very special. And I think casting the ATL Twins was him recognising that they were a physical manifestation of what the film is about. They were so clear about their desires: drinking, double-penetrating women, and doing drugs. It was all out in the open with them, just like the movie. I’m happy to share with the world some of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos, along with a few captions that will provide some context for what the hell was happening on this crazy set.

We took over the left half of a horseshoe-shaped motel and just tore it apart: full-on bacchanal carnage. The side we rented had been abandoned for years, but the other side was still in business. But since this is Florida, there was very little difference between the two. A DJ blared top-20 party anthems, and the girls got wild.

The ATL Twins were really in their element at the club; there's nothing they love more than a photo op with naked girls. They even goaded James Franco into the action.

I have never seen kids get crazier on water and lemonade in my life. The energy on set that day was intense; we all felt like anything and everything was OK. No rules or boundaries. I remember Harmony telling the kids, "So, today all you need to remember is this is your time! You can get as crazy as you want! You got out of your sucky school to get wild! SCHOOL SUCKS! SCHOOL SUCKS!"

You know, just your typical 4 AM Popsicle BJ. This was a long night, and killing time between takes with Vanessa and Ashley involved lots of high jinks. Dance parties, sing-alongs, fellating Popsicles... you get the idea.

When we shot this, I could not believe what was happening. This was probably the most mind-blowing moment for me. I mean, it's Vanessa Hudgens, the girl from High School Musical! Of course, the ATL Twins were very helpful in demonstrating the proper way to snort drugs off of naked women. The girl with the "drugs" on her (crushed B12, in case you're wondering) was an extra who was stiff as a board and blushing from ear to ear the entire time.

In this scene, Selena mixed it up with real spring breakers. I think it was a little scary for her to walk into a room full of amped-up kids. The first thing Rachel did was get up on a coffee table and yell, "If any of you assholes rub your dick up on my girl, I will KILL you!!!" She can be very persuasive. I don't think I saw any rubbing of dicks, on Selena at least.

These were the girls' "havoc masks." They wore them when the shit was really going down. But for most people. being robbed by these ladies would be a gift.

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