Interviewing Kevin Smith... On Acid!

Silent Bob speaks! (To someone who is tripping balls.)

15 September 2011, 4:00pm

Anything on acid is nuts right?  John Lennon is like Paul McCartney… on acid; Lady Gaga is like Cyndi Lauper… on acid; Lindsay Anderson's If... is like Grange Hill… on LOADS of acid! Etc. Well we thought we’d do really scary things on acid, to see if that journalistic cliche had a point.

This time, we decided to finally respond to one of the six hundred invites we get per week to go to one of those press junket things where you and 100 other journalists take it in turns to interview a celebrity about their new film/album/book/whatever. So above is a video of what happened when our friend Sean took acid and went to interview 41-year-old teenager Kevin Smith about his new teens-want-sex-but-get-death-instead film Red State. Which is in cinemas on the 30th of September (for more details, go here.)

As a press junket is pretty much just the celebrity disregarding whatever questions they are asked and repeating the same five, PR-approved anecdotes over and over again, this didn't go quite as hilariously as I had hoped. But, as I'm sure you'll agree, the film still gets across that the whole thing was uncomfortable enough to make Sean fear-puke when he got back to the office. Happy viewing!

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