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Archie Roach Is as Endearing as Ever in the “Get Back to the Land” Video

Watch it now—it may just keep you sane for another few hours.

by Issy Beech
29 November 2016, 9:20am

Prolific singer-songwriter, and one of Australia's most distinguished musicians, Archie Roach's twelfth studio album Let Love Rule was released earlier this month. It was another stellar case for his beautiful and moving talent, and an example of his lasting power in the Australian music scene.

The record, which features the likes of Tim Neal, the Dhulanga Children's Choir, and acclaimed Argentinian charango player Jaime Torres, is a meditation on love "in all its glorious incarnations," according to Roach. Single "Get Back to the Land" talks about finding and exploring a trust in the earth, when people fail you.

Released yesterday, the video for "Get Back to the Land" sees Roach doing more or less that, all the while being his characteristically mesmerising self. Watch the video in full below.