The New Suicide Squad Trailer Makes It Look Like a Kids' Movie

Leto's Joker looks like it will be as bearable to watch as a livestream of brutal ivory poaching.

by Carlton Férment
20 January 2016, 11:15am

After the release of Suicide Squad, the character of the Joker, long a DC Comics mainstay and favourite, will become defunct. It will be impossible for any iteration of the Joker to exist in a way that is remotely pleasurable to viewers. Heath Ledger made it too weird and horrible, and Jared Leto is gonna make it too lame. If you didn't know, Jared Leto was/ is in an emo band called 30 Seconds to Mars, and seems to have transferred that scene-teen lameness into his embodiment of the cackling trickster. Covered in the kind of tattoos you'd see on the sort of guy who wears a vest to Face Down and with an inevitably over-egged rendition, rest assured Leto's Joker will be about as bearable to watch as a livestream of brutal ivory poaching.

There's a lot of allusion to 'bad guys' in this latest trailer, no doubt setting up a final third where, hey, you realise maybe these guys aren't so bad/ aren't as bad as big pharma/ the government/ maybe they're just misunderstood.

By the looks of things, Suicide Squad promises to be a film filled with gif-able moments of Harley Quinn doing something 'YAAAS QUEEN'-y and Leto being the 'F-kin hottest Joker. Of. All. TIME.' and we'll all just sit here and let it happen. If you want to get a sense of how painfully embarrassing the band Queen can be in the context of an overblown picture about a bunch of costumed dilweeds then be sure to watch the above video.

Suicide Squad is out in August.

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