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Hackers Broadcast PornHub Homepage in 'the Heart of Perth'

The site was displayed on an information screen in Yagan Square.
08 April 2018, 9:00am
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The "internet of things" took a huge leap forward today, when hackers gained access to a public screen in Perth and displayed the homepage of PornHub—the internet's biggest porn site. The incident happened in Yagan Square, a newly-opened space that has been referred to as "the heart of the city" by WA state politicians.

"Unfortunately, it appears that these screens were compromised this evening and, for a brief period of time, some inappropriate content was displayed on one of the screens," a spokesperson from the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) told the ABC. "Both screens were immediately turned off and power has also been switched off to the units to eliminate all possibilities of a recurrence."

It's not yet known how the hackers gained access to the display, which has a central position in the square. "The MRA takes this matter very seriously and will undertake a full investigation to understand how this event has happened and identify those responsible," the spokesperson said.

Yagan Sqare just opened last month, at a cost of $73.5 million. Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan said it would be a space for families and commuters to enjoy. Officials haven't commented on how much was spent on digital security.

This actually isn't the first time PornHub has popped up in an unexpected place in Perth. The porn juggernaut sponsors a local roller hockey team called Two Girls, One Puck. The team got money from the multi-million dollar site to cover uniform and equipment costs.

"All they wanted from us was a team photo in our jerseys," team member, Maddy, told VICE. "So basically, we convinced PornHub to pay women to put on clothes."

This article originally appeared on VICE AU.