BBK Takeover

There Are Just Four Days Left Until BBK Takeover at the O2

Go on, it's hard to argue with that lineup.

by Noisey UK Staff
23 August 2017, 11:02am

What are your weekend plans looking like right at this moment? Vague notions of brunch, a gallery then the pub? Maybe fucking that person you've been exchanging DMs with for a while but couldn't be arsed with seeing during the week? You might even have a few hours carved out on Monday for Notting Hill Carnival, but halfway across London in Catford, where you've got your sights set on scoring some heroin – oh, sorry, just a confusion there based on some arrests the Met Police proudly made this week.

Really, if you are anywhere near London or able to get there by Sunday morning, you ought to head to the BBK Takeover. Boy Better Know – award-winning, boundary-smashing and also, as seen in the video above, rollerblading collective – will be descending on the capital's O2 Arena this Sunday for a day of live music, 5-a-side football, screenings (including some our films so go on), skateboarding, roller disco, food and something only described as "gaming events" that better involve JME in some capacity.

Bank holiday weekends are usually a blur of reckless day drinking coupled with those hangovers where you wake up still trashed and swear, just SWEAR, that you will never drink again and waste a precious additional day of rest in this freaking economy. But this one can be extra special because, let's face it, where else in the country's biggest city are you going to be able to see all the BBK names plus people like A$AP Rocky, Mabel, Blue Daisy (who tbf was at our summer party last weekend), CASisDEAD, pardon the shouting but also GHETTS, J HUS, SNOOCHIE SHY, KOJEY RADICAL, CONNIE CONSTANCE and also Tim Westwood for all those still emotionally invested in Tim Westwood.

Anyway, doors are at 2PM, the live music starts at about 6.30PM and you can keep it going at the No Merci afterparty until 4AM if that's the sort of bank holiday Monday you have in mind. You can still pick up tickets from about £40 here.

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