A New Survey Has Revealed a Shocking Level of Sexual Harassment in UK Clubs

82% of students in the UK have been groped in clubs in the last year. We can't let this carry on.

Nov 21 2016, 11:10am

A survey conducted by Babe, the women's section of student media behemoth The Tab, has revealed a disturbing truth at play in UK nightlife: 9 of out 10 female students have been groped in a club. The study also revealed that 82% of all the students who responded had been groped at some point, regardless of gender.

As shocking as the results of the survey (which polled 14,000 students from across the UK) are, they actually show a drop in nightclub harassment, with 95% of female respondents reporting some form of groping occurring in 2015. While that drop could be seen as a positive thing, we still have to accept that, alarmingly and disturbingly, nine in 10 female students are experiencing violation in environments which we're told are inclusive, community-minded spaces.

Quoting Susanna Cirulli, who studies at the University of Edinburgh, Babe note that groping has become so commonplace that it's morphed into being nothing more than a "casual" occurrence that. Susanna says, "Getting groped in a nightclub is so common so the stat doesn't surprise me at all. It happens on such a casual basis that often you don't really know who did it or why."

Babe go on to report that:

"Sussex was the worst university for groping, with 96 per cent of girls experiencing it on a night out. Cardiff came in second worst at 95 per cent, Leeds in third with 94 per cent, and Oxford in fourth with 92 per cent. Edinburgh (91 per cent) and Cambridge (88 per cent) were fifth and sixth worst respectively."

The results are shocking and utterly, utterly unacceptable, and further reinforce the need for a constructive approach towards tackling sexual assaults in nightclubs.

Read more about the survey here.

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