The Bronx's Puerto Rican Moonshine Is an Old-School Secret

In this outtake from 'Hustle,' the co-owners of Port Morris Distillery try to tell their pitorro apart from similar spirits.

by Munchies Staff
18 March 2019, 10:21am

Screenshot via VICELAND

Pitorro is Puerto Rican moonshine—kind of like rum but often stronger, and typically made at home. In the Bronx, Port Morris Distillery is riffing on the old-school secret stuff and bottling up New York-made artisanal pitorro.

In this extra scene from VICELAND's Hustle, host and entrepreneur John Henry meets with Billy Valentin and Ralph Barbosa, co-owners of Port Morris, for a blind tasting to see how their pitorro stands up to similar spirits. Volunteers take a sip of each, and then guess where they fit along the price spectrum.

Can Valentin and Barbosa really pick their pitorro out of a crowd, and how does it shake up to the competition? Watch and see.

This article originally appeared on Munchies US.

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Port Morris Distillery