The VICE Guide to Liberia

A little jaunt to hell on earth.

Nov 27 2012, 11:30am

A couple of years ago we spent some time in Liberia to see how fucked the country was following its civil war, and the answer was: an overflowing sewer of fucked. As in abject poverty, child soldiers, teenage prostitutes and ex-murderous, cannibal warlords now leading communities fucked. 

We met General Bin Laden, who gave us a tour of his compound, watched a 12-year-old smoke heroin and talk about raping a woman and visited a brothel where the walls were stained with a mixture of bodily fluids that I don't really want to know too much more about. Then we hung out with Joshua Blahyi – who used to be called General Butt Naked – who told us how he used to eat the hearts of innocent boys before battle and a load of other horrifyingly distressing stuff that's better watched than read.  

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