We're Throwing a Party with Airhead and Marc Pinol and You Should Come

Come and watch fireworks fly at the only bonfire night party worth going to in 2015.

Sep 21 2015, 10:38am

Remember, remember the fifth of November...Guy Fawkes tried to change the world way back when and all we got in return was a night of cooing at fireworks and eating burnt burgers in freezing gardens, sparklers and common colds. Sod bonfire night. Why not spend this one down in the basement of East London's ever so trendy Ace Hotel with us? Sounds better than clutching a rancid hot dog in a pair of muddy gloves that stink of gunpowder and tobacco, right? Right.

We're teaming up with Community Festival for a night of firework free frivolity. The three day, multi venue festival is taking over Shoreditch in an attempt to bring you, and us, the sounds of 2016 while we're still in 2015. Call it time travel or solid, sensible booking — it's going to be a blast. The other nights and other venues will showcase music from the likes of Vince Staples, Blonde, Rat Boy and a tonne of other acts that you'll probably know if you're the kind of person who reads everything about music on the internet.

Our super special night is set to be a super sweaty blast. We're bringing some big names down to the Miranda Bar for a late night special. Alongside our ever wonderful THUMP DJs, we've got Marc Pinol (Hivern Disc), Airhead (R&S), Andrea (Illan Tape) and SG Lewis (PRM Beat Club) joining us for the ride. It's going to be great.

You can get tickets here and find our more information here.

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