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Help Charli XCX Raise Money to Save a Young Artist's Life

Party for a cause! Join Charli, Allie X, Dorian Electra, and more at the Billy Ball in LA to support Billy Clayton's cancer treatment.
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On The Road with...

On the Road with Shame, One Tasteless Live Show at a Time

We hit the road with the South London misfits as they embark on wrecking America's stages.
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Holy Shit

Shirley Manson Walks Us Through Her First-Ever Performance with Fiona Apple

Plus, check out the exclusive full video and behind the scenes photos of Manson and Apple performing the glorious fuck-you that is "You Don't Own Me."
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First Aid Kit Love Making You Cry

After enduring their toughest phase as a band, Klara and Johanna Söderberg are back with a risky, robust new album. And they're back to doing what they're best at – making everyone bawl.
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Welcome to Starcrawler's Glamrock Fantasy

The band—who've been endorsed by everyone from Ryan Adams to Elton John—premieres "I Love LA," a tribute to classic rock and donuts.
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Becoming Isolated with Bully’s Alicia Bognanno

The Nashville punks return with a fierce sophomore effort, ‘Losing.’ In order to get here, the band and its leader Bognanno had to go to hell and back.
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The Courtneys Are Slackers Leading by Example

The grungey Vancouver trio are still dislocated outsiders on second LP, and they wouldn't have it any other way.
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Liam Gallagher, Eternal Fuckin’ Rock 'n' Roll Star

The legendary frontman chats about ego, Noel, JAY-Z and pretty much everything else you'd want Liam Gallagher to address. He also says "fuckin'" more than 100 times.
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Longreads Or Whatever

Peering into the Abyss with Ryan Adams

We join the newly-divorced singer in LA to dissect his 16th LP 'Prisoner,' but wind up discussing loneliness, black holes, Taylor Swift, and everything in-between.
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Holy Shit

Ryan Adams Announces His LP 'Prisoner' with His Latest Tune "Do You Still Love Me?"

Oof. This will get anyone who's ever loved in the gut.
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Behind The Lens

After the Afterparty: At the Zombie Fuckfest with Charli XCX and Lil Yachty

We spend a champagne-fuelled, sleep-deprived 48 hours on the set of Charli's latest video.
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festivals 2016

Desert Daze Is a Strange Trip of a Festival, and It Kicks Ass

The weekender is a mental and physical escapade to the sand-y confines of a prehistoric enclave.
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