Ghislaine Maxwell

Incoherent Conspiracy Suggests Ghislaine Maxwell Is a Powerful Redditor

The baseless "MaxwellHill" conspiracy shows how companies have failed to protect random users who have somehow become the subject of social media frenzies.
Jason Koebler
3 days ago
Right to Repair

Why Repair Techs Are Hacking Ventilators With DIY Dongles From Poland

Hospitals and independent biomedical technicians have turned to a global grey-market to keep life-saving ventilators running.
Jason Koebler
4 days ago

Silicon Valley Elite Discuss Journalists Having Too Much Power in Private App

In leaked audio from an invite-only app, venture capitalists pondered everything they think is wrong with journalism.
Jason Koebler
Anna Merlan
Joseph Cox

Reddit Bans 2,000 Communities Including the_donald, ChapoTrapHouse

The move is already being called "the Great Ban."
Jason Koebler

How Is Twitter Going to Moderate These Voice Recordings?

Audio recordings are notoriously difficult to moderate, and Twitter already has a harassment and white supremacist problem.
Jason Koebler
Minnesota Freedom Fund

What Happens When a Small Charity Raises Millions of Dollars Overnight

The Minnesota Freedom Fund has spent just $200k of the $31 million it raised in the aftermath of George Floyd's death. Here's why.
Jason Koebler
Sam Donnenberg

Amazon Puts 1-Year Ban on Police Use of its Biased Facial Recognition Software

"Rekognition" has been shown time and time again to be ineffective and biased. Rather than shelving it altogether, Amazon is putting a one-year moratorium on police use of it.
Jason Koebler
george floyd

LA Residents Endlessly Roast the LAPD in World's Most Satisfying Zoom Call

For more than six hours, caller after caller demanded the resignation of LAPD police chief Michel Moore.
Jason Koebler
Section 230

Trump’s Executive Order Could Ruin the Internet Over a Twitter Beef

Trump's ongoing tantrum about Twitter fact-checking has led to an executive order that seeks to clarify section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.
Jordan Pearson
Jason Koebler

Local News Stations Run Propaganda Segment Scripted and Produced by Amazon

At least 11 TV stations aired an identical segment written and produced by Amazon’s PR team.
Lauren Kaori Gurley
Jason Koebler
Emanuel Maiberg
super smash bros

Archivists Frantically Hunt Footage of 1999 Super Smash Bros. Boxing Match

The best we have right now are low-res screenshots of Mario fighting Donkey Kong from an ancient internet livestream.
Jason Koebler

Amazon VP Resigns, Calls Company ‘Chickenshit’ for Firing Protesting Workers

Tim Bray says the company has become 'toxic' and the firings are 'designed to create a climate of fear.'
Jason Koebler