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5 Easy Tips for Making the Best Christmas Cheeseboard of Your Life

Brie or Camembert? Biscuits or crackers? Grapes or no grapes? We asked cheese expert Patricia Michelson for her tips on constructing the ultimate festive cheeseboard.
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London’s Museum of Ice Cream Is About More than Selfies

This month, culinary food studio Bompas and Parr opens SCOOP, a pop-up museum dedicated to the history of the frozen dessert. And there isn't a sprinkle pool in sight.
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PHOTOS: This Remote Whiskey Distillery Is Straight Out of a Postcard

The Isle of Raasay has a population of 160, a post office, and a village shop. And, since last year, a whisky distillery with breathtaking views over the Red Cuillin mountains.
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This Is What Deer Stalkers Eat for Breakfast

“It was a male muntjac weighing about eight kilos. Here’s his liver and his kidneys.”
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Let This Restaurant Turn Your Overgrown Garden into Dinner

“One woman contacted us and asked us to clear a huge patch of wild garlic. It was brilliant—she got her garden cleared for free, and we got to use a load of really great garlic.”
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People Are Stealing These Restaurant Menus Because They Look So Good

“We knew the menus would go 'missing' but that's part of the fun.”
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The Last Bite

The Last Bite: A Pastry Paradise Founded by Paris Communards

We step through the fairy light-framed doors of Maison Bertaux, a 146-year-old pastry shop in London’s Soho.
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This Might Be Britain’s Most Sustainable Restaurant

Ninety percent of the ingredients used at Roth Bar and Grill in Somerset come from within a 15-mile radius and waste is kept to a minimum. “If we can’t get it locally, why not?” says co-founder Jules Horrell.
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food security

Inside the Huge Fridge of Seeds That Could Save Us All from Starvation

The Crop Wild Relatives Project’s seed bank in West Sussex stores samples of staple crops from around the world. Its aim is to protect them for future generations against drought, flooding, and other effects of climate change.
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food waste

Meet the Food Waste Entrepreneur Turning Unwanted Vegetables into Hummus

London-based Hannah McCollum buys up misshapen and off-coloured carrots, herbs, beetroot and turns them into dips, which she plans to market and sell.
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Meet the Hibiscus-Obsessed Chef Celebrating British Nigerian Food

This week, Lopé Ariyo releases Hibiscus, a collection of classic Nigerian recipes with a few personal twists—like her liberal use of the edible African flower.
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Sri Lanka

Meet the Husband-and-Wife Team Behind Sri Lanka's First Sinhalese-Tamil Cookbook

Conflict between the Sinhalese and Tamils raged in Sri Lanka until 2009. But in the pages of Sri Lanka: The Cookbook, dishes from both ethnic groups—including hoppers, dhal, and tamarind curry—sit side by side.
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