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How Stigma Created Japan’s Hidden Drug Problem

There's extreme social shame around doing drugs, and yet the underground drug scene is thriving in Tokyo.
Bobbie van der List
Max Daly

Street Violence Is Kicking Off During Lockdown. This Is Why

Boredom and postcode rivals busting into each other's House Party chats are creating lethal beefs amid the coronavirus lockdown.
Max Daly

Drug Dealers Are Dressing Up as Delivery Drivers, Joggers and Nurses to Sell Heroin During Lockdown

We examined the impact of coronavirus and social distancing on Britain’s lucrative street heroin and crack trade.
Max Daly

These Are the Dumbest Drug Moments of the Last 100 Years

From hippies attempting to levitate the Pentagon to the "10-Guy" meme, here’s our list of the stupidest drug-related incidents of the last century.
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county lines

The Government Has Finally Admitted County Lines Drug Dealing Is Its Own Fault

A new Home Office review shows the rise of "going country" has occurred against a backdrop of increasing inequality and child poverty.
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Inside the Drug Rehab for the World's Super-Rich

Paracelsus Recovery is the most exclusive rehab in the world, attracting A-listers, royalty and people worth more money than entire countries.
Max Daly

In the 2010s, Getting High Became Even More Profitable and Terrifying

At the beginning of the decade, the online drug trade opened its floodgates. At the end, US cities started decriminalising magic mushrooms. This is how the last ten years turned the illegal drug industry upside down.
Max Daly

A Top Medical Journal Is Coming Out Hard Against Criminalising Drug Users

A special drugs issue of 'The Lancet' says doctors need to protect drug users from politicians who take a punitive approach.
Max Daly
drug features

The UK's New Drug Stats Tell Us What We Already Knew

Surprise, surprise!
Max Daly

It’s Official: VICE's Reporting Makes Readers Take Drugs More Safely

A study found that a VICE headline about fake MDMA encouraged people to test their drugs.
Max Daly
The Borders Issue 2019

Synthetic Drugs Will Change the Global Drug Trade Forever

Drug traffickers thrive on their ability to penetrate national borders, but a new era of toxic, man-made highs could dissolve those boundaries and transform the global drug trade.
Max Daly

Exclusive NYPD Data Reveals Just How Often Fentanyl Is in US Cocaine

Big claims have been made about the infiltration of fentanyl into America's cocaine supply. So we got some hard data.
Max Daly