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Inmates at Prison Plagued by COVID Live-Streamed Uprising on Smuggled Cell Phones

“Anyone who can help, we need some help, man,” one inmate says as the camera on one video pans between two bloodied inmates.
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Black Lives Matter

More Than 80 US Cities and Counties Have Now Declared Racism a Public Health Crisis

Colorado is planning to become the latest state to pass ordinances or declarations to address the impact of racism on public health.
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2020 election

Donald Trump Is Getting Less Popular by the Day

Two-thirds of voters disapprove of his job performance on multiple issues, including how he's handling the coronavirus pandemic.
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Donald Trump

Trump Told Reporters Nobody Likes Him Then Stormed Out of His Press Conference

He hyped a debunked coronavirus drug, again, and then promoted a doctor who says masks aren't necessary and fibroid tumours are caused by demon sperm.
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Protests Against Police Brutality and Trump's Secret Police Are Exploding Across the US

Police arrested well over 100 people, and shootings at demonstrations in Austin, Louisville, and Colorado left several people injured and one dead.
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Trump Bragged About Gassing Portland’s Mayor: ‘They Knocked the Hell Out of Him’

He also threatened to send tens of thousands of federal troops to cities, whether mayors wanted them there or not.
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police brutality

Trump Sent Cops to Portland and They're 'Kidnapping People off the Streets'

Camouflaged federal officers have been patrolling the streets, pulling protesters into unmarked cars and arresting them.
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Breonna Taylor

Dozens of Breonna Taylor Protesters Were Charged With Felonies After Sitting on the AG's Lawn

They each face up to five years in prison.
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police brutality

Video Shows A Cop Beating Up And Tasing A BLM Protester in Brooklyn

The previous day saw a pro-police rally in the same neighbourhood, where supporters of the NYPD attacked a small group of counter-protesters.
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17 Developers Are Testing Coronavirus Vaccines on Humans. Here’s What You Need to Know About Them.

The race to develop a coronavirus vaccine is getting crowded – and expensive.
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Elijah McClain

Cops Took Photos 'Re-Enacting' the Chokehold of Elijah McClain

Several officers in Aurora, Colorado, have been placed on leave while the photos are investigated.
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The Trump Administration Just Furloughed 13,400 Immigration Workers

The move will effectively bring the US immigration system grinding to a halt.
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Ani Ucar