Rafael Tonon


Why This Iconic Basque Restaurant Wants You to Treat Fish Like Meat

“We usually think of the fish as a whole thing, and don’t pay attention to the different flavours of the meat closer to the the spine or the tails, for example, or how jelly-like and sticky its head can be.”
Rafael Tonon

Meet the Scientists Baking Bread with Cockroach Flour

Two scientists from the Federal University of Rio Grande, in Brazil, have developed a flour made of cockroaches that contains 40 percent more protein than the normal wheat flour.
Rafael Tonon
Craft Beer

This Brazilian Brewer Is Making Beer Out of $20,000 Bonsai Trees

Heroica’s beers are infused with the branches of centennial Japanese bonsai trees, pruned by one of Brazil's biggest bonsai masters.
Rafael Tonon

Uruguay Now Has a Drive-Thru for Meat

Las Nenas Steakhouse allows carnivores to get their piece of chorizo or bife ancho without ever stepping out of their cars
Rafael Tonon

This Food Subscription Service Lets You Manage Your Own Tiny Piece of Farmland

Customers pay around $80 US per month to "own" ten square metres of land, decide which seeds they want planted, and reap everything that grows.
Rafael Tonon

Nose to Tail and Head to Balls: Eating Every Part of the Animal at a Brazilian Meat Feast

“When an animal kills another one to feed himself, he doesn’t have preferences," says Ariel Argomaniz, one of several chefs who recently gathered to cook an over-the-top nose-to-tail feast in São Paulo.
Rafael Tonon