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What's Gone On This Week: Tory MP Offers a Simply Pathetic Solution to Knife Crime

Also a man was fined for "smashing a seagull to death in front of children" after it went for his chips in Weston-super-Mare.
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Questions for the Florida Man Who Practiced Karate on Some Innocent Swans

What belt was this guy working toward?
Drew Schwartz
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People Scrawl Graffiti and Walk Over the Body of a Beached Blue Whale

The whale was marooned on a beach in Chile when tourists started arriving for photos.
Mac Hackett

This Is Why Young Spaniards Are Still Bullfighting

I spoke to a group of bullfighting fans, who are determined to keep the tradition alive.
Laura Robayna
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Dog Meat Is Being Sold to Unwitting Tourists in Bali

According to a recent report, vendors are brutally slaughtering dogs and then telling foreigners that the meat is chicken.
Nick Rose
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Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Bullfighter

"Sometimes, when the bull has put on a good performance, I don't want to kill it. That happens a lot, actually."
Guille Álvarez
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Fox Hunting Enthusiasts Talk About Repealing the Ban

Theresa May has said she's in favour of fox-hunting and will allow a vote in parliament on repealing the ban if she's elected.
Sophie Wilkinson

Not Ready to Give Up Meat? This Group Says to Go 'Reducetarian' Instead

It's time to rethink the divide between omnivore and herbivore.
Alex Swerdloff
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Farmer Accuses Revelers of Decapitating Lamb During Illegal Rave

The revelers deny the allegation, and police say there is no evidence they did it.
Alexander Iadarola

Domino's Terrible Plan to Deliver Pizza By Reindeer Is Officially Dead

Looks like a bunch of Japanese reindeer are once again about to hit the job market. Let’s hope there’s a Shakey's Pizza in Hokkaido that just so happens to be looking to attract some pizza-loving Laplanders.
Alex Swerdloff
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Activists Want to Stop the Practice of Eating Live Octopus

Those killjoys over at PETA reason that butchering a living creature and then consuming its still-convulsing limbs for pleasure is somehow cruel.
Charley Lanyon

North Korea Says Dog Meat Is the Next Superfood

North Korea's state-run news outlets are making a point of running multiple stories extolling the health benefits that supposedly come along with consuming dog meat.
Alex Swerdloff