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Questions for the Florida Man Who Practiced Karate on Some Innocent Swans

What belt was this guy working toward?
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

People Scrawl Graffiti and Walk Over the Body of a Beached Blue Whale

The whale was marooned on a beach in Chile when tourists started arriving for photos.
Mac Hackett

This Is Why Young Spaniards Are Still Bullfighting

I spoke to a group of bullfighting fans, who are determined to keep the tradition alive.
Laura Robayna
10 Questions

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Bullfighter

"Sometimes, when the bull has put on a good performance, I don't want to kill it. That happens a lot, actually."
Guille Álvarez
Oh Snap

Fox Hunting Enthusiasts Talk About Repealing the Ban

Theresa May has said she's in favour of fox-hunting and will allow a vote in parliament on repealing the ban if she's elected.
Sophie Wilkinson
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Farmer Accuses Revelers of Decapitating Lamb During Illegal Rave

The revelers deny the allegation, and police say there is no evidence they did it.
Alexander Iadarola

The Zoo Owner Who Called a Baboon a ‘Cocksucker’ on TV Has Been Charged for Whipping a Tiger

Michael Hackenberger has stepped down from running the Ontario zoo but says he's innocent.
Manisha Krishnan

Meet the Pet Detectives Hunting for the Croydon Cat Killer

Couple Boudicca Rising and Tony Jenkins, along with others from a South Norwood animal rescue group, have commissioned their own forensic tests on the cats that have turned up mutilated in their owners' driveways.
Andy Jones

Illegal Horse Butchers Are Running Wild Across Florida

Thieves are stealing and killing horses for the meat, which has some owners in rural Miami-Dade County on edge.
Francisco Alvarado

Companies Like Kikkoman Are Still Testing on Animals

In the course of Kikkoman's research, rats are force-fed and decapitated.
Allegra Ringo

Animal Rights Activists Stormed a Toronto Steakhouse to Protest Society’s Meat Lust

"I don't see any dog meat here," a protester says to a hostess in a YouTube video of the event. "I thought this was a meat restaurant, yet I don't see any dog meat here."
Jake Kivanc

Canada’s Controversial Grizzly Bear Hunting Season Has Just Begun

About 300 grizzlies are hunted and killed every year in British Columbia, but activists say the culling is unnecessary and unethical.
Julie Chadwick