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Cheap Whites: Inside Berlin's Cigarette Black Market

For years Vietnamese gangs have dominated the black market for cigarettes, which is more profitable than drug trafficking. Now, Syrian gangs are pushing their way onto the scene.


Here’s What Happens to Canada's Black Market Now Weed Is Legal

We spoke to dealers, cannabis farmers and edible bakers about their plans post-legalisation.


The Avocado Black Market Is So Bad in New Zealand That There Are Waiting Lists to Buy Trees

Earlier this year, the price of a single avocado in New Zealand peaked at NZ$7, or about £3.61.


The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram

VICE investigates the Middle East's flourishing trade in animal trafficking and how it impacts the depleting wildcat populations of Central and East Africa.


Meet the 17-Year-Old Getting Rich Dealing Snus Illegally

In Finland, the black market for Swedish tobacco is worth almost £45 million a year. With the support of his parents, Niklas is cashing in too.


Michael K. Williams on His Role in Sundance's 'Hap and Leonard'

Williams will co-star in 'Hap and Leonard: Mucho Mojo' – part murder mystery, part dark comedy – with longtime buddy James Purefoy.


I Drank Breast Milk Every Day for a Week

It didn't feel right to steal from a baby.


How 40 Percent of Australia’s Stolen Cars End Up Overseas

Australia's contribution to the global black market is cheap, dirty, and surprisingly open to anyone. I discovered this by trying to sell a "stolen" car.


My Experience as an Undercover Sugar Baby

The host of the most recent episode of Black Market: Dispatches discusses her experience going undercover in the sugar baby industry.


Here Are the New Shows You Can Watch on VICELAND Tonight

Two episodes of 'Black Market' with Michael K Williams, and a trip to Compton with Kendrick Lamar.


We Asked an Expert How to Spot the Most Popular Counterfeit Items in the UK

For a start: fake cigarettes might have chunks of plastic in them, and counterfeit airbags are more likely to explode and kill you than the car crash itself.


We Launched a VICE TV Channel!

Here's how you can watch it and what it actually is.