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The Absurd Theatre of the Modern Cocaine Bust

When a billion dollars worth of coke was seized last week, experts were quick to remind us that it's not going to solve America's drug problem.
Alex Norcia
Cartel Chronicles

How One of Mexico's Biggest Cartels Is Trying to Dominate the Country's Wildest West

In a shift in the drug war, Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation is confronting rivals in southwestern Mexico, and fighting the government.
Deborah Bonello
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A Dirty Ex-Cop-Turned-Gun Dealer Fueled Brutal Violence on the Mexico Border

A gun-trafficking case involving ex-law enforcement exposed the lie at the heart of Trump's race-baiting over the migrant caravan.
Francisco Alvarado

Real Mexican Drug Traffickers Find ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Nostalgic and Relatable

"I'm a clown compared to the drug traffickers in the series, but there is some resemblance there – or at least I can see myself in them."
Jorge Damián Méndez Lozano
The War on Drugs

The Body Count In Indonesia's Increasingly Brutal Drug War Keeps On Rising

Nearly 100 suspected drug dealers have been gunned down during raids by police in the last year, a dramatic increase over last year's figures.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

Why Police in the Philippines Are Using a Country Song for an Anti-Drug Campaign

There's a thriving country music scene in the Philippine mountains, and the Philippine National Police want to use it to help fight Duterte's drug war.
Sarah Kinosian

I Smoked Weed Three Times and Ended Up in Rehab Hell

"It was such shell shock that... it was just like my bowels froze, my brain froze."
Maia Szalavitz

How Two American Teens Became Assassins for a Mexican Cartel

A new non-fiction book details the bloody rise and fall of two Texas teenagers who became contract killers for the Zetas, killing dozens of people.
Seth Ferranti
High Wire

Why Is the US Supporting the Brutal, Deadly Assault on Drug Users in the Philippines?

Hundreds of people have been shot dead in the street under the mere suspicion of using drugs. And for some reason, the US is sending more money to the government for law enforcement.
Maia Szalavitz

What This Year's Global Drug Survey Tells Us About Drug Use in the UK

SPOILER: We're really, really into NOS.
VICE Staff
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Study Shows Long Term Weed Use Gives You Gross Gums – But Not Much Else

According to the experts, even your lungs don't get a raw deal.
VICE Staff

Can America's Weed Industry Provide Reparations for the War on Drugs?

This month, Oakland's City Council approved a program that aims to give people of color a better chance at entering the state's legal cannabis industry. But will other states make similar efforts to make the green economy less white?
Julia Alsop