Row Z

Theo Walcott and the English Football Fan’s Perception of Time

Now that he’s 30, it's finally time to say RIP to the former wonderboy's untapped potential, to allow it to find its own quiet peace.
Hydall Codeen

A Short History of Football Hooligans Using Weapons

This weekend, during a clash between Everton and Millwall fans, one fan had his face sliced from mouth to ear.
Nick Chester
top flight tinnies

When Manchester United and Liverpool Launched Their Own Lagers, and Failed

While it may seem implausible now, some of the biggest clubs in England once attempted to brand their own tinnies. Accused of encouraging hooliganism and drunkenness, they were forced to back down.
Ryan Herman
dirk kuyt

Five Years and One Eredivisie Title Later, Liverpool Fans Still Love Dirk Kuyt

Despite a fairly average goal tally and only one major trophy in six years of service, Dirk Kuyt is a character who resonates with Liverpool fans and, vice versa, seems to appreciate the Scouse way of life.
Will Magee

Liverpool Vs The Sun: How the City Rid Itself of the UK's Biggest Paper

Charting the history of the total eclipse of The Sun.
Davey Brett
The Cult

The Cult: Wayne Rooney

It's time to say goodbye to one of the most gifted players England has ever produced. Even if he does look a bit shit sometimes.
Joel Golby
too close to the masterpiece

The Cult: Wayne Rooney

This week's inductee to The Cult is a footballer who, in years to come, will be remembered as one of the most gifted players England has ever produced. That said, he does look a bit shit some times.
Joel Golby
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Gary Lineker at Barcelona: When Leicester’s Favourite Son Went Overseas

Having made his name with Leicester and Everton, the mid eighties saw Gary Lineker snapped up by ‘El Tel’ at Barca. Together, they would stir a slumbering Catalan giant, and restore glory to the club once more.
Will Magee
Christmas #Content

Rating Every Premier League Club’s Festive Merchandise In Order Of Christmassiness

With the commemoration of the birth of Our Lord coming up, we have decided to get to the bottom of what Christmas is all about – football clubs selling obscene amounts of merch.
Will Magee
marouane – more like maladroit amirite!

The Fellaini Effect: Reviewing Everton vs. Manchester United

In the second instalment of the Premier League Review, we express our limitless sympathy with Marouane Fellaini, sort of.
Will Magee
stevie g

Remembering Steven Gerrard’s Fateful First Career Red Card

When Gerrard came on against Everton in only his second ever Merseyside derby, he made a tackle which not only earned him a straight red, but also rather epitomised his career.
Will Magee
premier league

The Unsolved Mystery Of Eden Hazard: Reviewing Chelsea vs. Everton

In the final part of this week’s Premier League Review, we wonder what the actual fuck Jose Mourinho did to Eden Hazard last season.
Will Magee