4 days ago

Here's What Extinction Rebellion Feed Thousands of Hungry Protesters

Vegan recipes for chilli sin carne and potato salad included.


Don't Leave Us, Pizza Express, You Tired, Old, Expensive Gem

With the news of the high street chain's financial woes, we thought it was worth looking at what the restaurant has come to represent.


How Britain Fell Out of Love with the Chinese Takeaway

For more than two decades, Chinese cuisine ruled. But new figures reveal that Chinese eateries are dwindling in the UK.


Cash-Strapped Councils and Gentrification: The Problem with POP Brixton

A shipping container market in south London was meant to be for local people and businesses. What happened?


For These Oxford Students, Blind Wine Tasting Isn’t Bullshit – It’s a Sport

Every year, the Oxford blind wine tasting society faces Cambridge in a tense competition to correctly identify unlabelled glasses of wine.


The Case for Making Food, Shelter and Public Transport Free for Everyone

'Universal Basic Services' is a radical idea from UCL Institute for Global Prosperity. But how would it work?


A One-Day Search for the UK's Best Chicken Wing

Or: how Britain looked beyond breast and came to host Europe's largest chicken wing festival.


I Ate Like Boris Johnson for a Week, and Deeply Regret It

They say you are what you eat – would this turn me into a Tory bumbling through a terrible, pivotal week at work?


How ‘Best of British’ Food Became a Marketing Ploy – Then a Political Act

In the wake of Brexit, the trend for locally sourced food – or the idea that British produce is inherently superior – has coincided with a rise in xenophobic attitudes.


What Happens in McDonald's When the Sun Goes Down

We spent a Friday night in Brixton McDonald's, people watching and chatting to the security guards.


The DM That Changed My Life: Domino’s Will Send Me Promotional Texts Until I Die

The sad fact is that outside of family and close friends, I think Domino’s might be my longest running correspondence.


Inside the Huge Roti-Making Operation at ‘Muslim Glastonbury’

At the yearly Ahmadiyya Muslim Community festival in Hampshire, volunteers make 300,000 flatbreads over three days.