How to Live After Being Shot

"We didn't really have nothing going for ourselves, beside go outside, smoke, and chill." Then they started making art together.


18-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Threatening to Shoot up Her High School 'for Fun'

Cops found an AK-47 and a 12-gauge shotgun in her bedroom.


American Stores Are Banning Guns Because the Government Won’t

Kroger and Walmart are asking customers to stop openly carrying guns while shopping.


Guy Holds Up Popeyes at Gunpoint for Sold-Out Chicken Sandwich

A group of three men and two women tried to force their way into a Popeyes restaurant in Houston, demanding the highly coveted sandwich.


It's Now or Never for Gun Control in Congress

"This is a simple question: Is President Trump willing to endorse a background check proposal that the NRA opposes?"


Man Arrested with Grenade Launcher, Over a Dozen Firearms and White Supremacist Propaganda

Police were originally responding to the scene of a car accident.


We Asked People Around the World What They Think of US Gun Laws

"I think all these laws are the result of American capitalism."


Months After a Terrorist Attack, New Zealand Begins to Hand Over Its Guns

More than 900 gun owners have registered to hand over their firearms.


White Men Keep Killing Themselves With Guns. The NRA Is Making It Worse.

The gun lobby's resistance to "red flag" laws puts its own members at risk.


NZ’s Relaxed Gun Laws Aided Christchurch Terror Attacks

Jacinda Ardern says changes to these gun laws will be announced within 10 days of the mosque shootings.


Terrorism in Christchurch: One of New Zealand’s 'Darkest Days'

40 are dead in what’s expected to be the deadliest mass shooting in New Zealand history.


Inside the Uniquely American Horror Story of Summer Gun Violence in Chicago

"The one thing that I get really agitated about is how little things have changed in many of these neighborhoods."