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Labour Voted for a Green New Deal – Here's What That Means for the UK

Party members voted in huge numbers to back a socialist climate change policy at their conference. It could change everything.


Worst Hot Take of the Week: A BBC Reporter Doxxing the Father of a Sick Child

Boris Johnson was caught in a lie. The sensible response? Call out the man who exposed the lie as the opposition, then direct all of your Twitter followers at him.


This Is Always How Brexit Was Going to End

Brexit was always going to end in an attack on democracy. The two can't be separated.


A London Council Declared 'Climate Emergency' as It Destroyed a Wildlife Garden

Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden in Lewisham was a green oasis.


How Unions Could Be the Key to Labour Implementing Socialist Policies

Looking at the new relationship between striking workers and Labour's leadership.


The Latest Hatchet Job on Corbyn Is Garbage

Tom Bower's 'Dangerous Hero' is full of errors, and the nature of the attack shifts so relentlessly that it's hard to take it seriously.


Labour's Split Is Group Therapy for Centrists

'The Independent Group' want to end tribal politics because the tribe left them behind.


After Windrush, the Government Still Wants Your Trust on Migration

The Immigration Bill fails to right the wrongs of the Windrush scandal and end the hostile environment.


How Sadiq Khan's Housing Policy Is Making London's Housing Crisis Worse

His measures, which are supposed to tackle the housing crisis, make it harder to resist gentrification.


Getting to Grips with Labour's Brexit Puzzle

Is it "constructive ambiguity" or just a lot of different people disagreeing their way through a constitutional crisis?


Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement Will Piss Everyone Off and Wreck the Economy

We asked an expert to bring us up to speed on the Prime Minister's plan to throw us all into the sea, ahead of the start of the five-day debate in Parliament today.


Why Jeremy Corbyn's Terror Scandal Won't Rock His Base

Pundits who think Corbyn is like Trump don't understand the significance of that connection.