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Johnny Depp Forced to Turn Medical Records Over to Amber Heard

This is the latest development in the messy legal saga that centres on Heard's 2018 'Washington Post' op-ed that Depp says defamed him.


The US Military Killed Dozens of Civilians While Trying to Bomb Meth Labs, UN Alleges

According to a new UN report, a United States counternarcotics operation against alleged Afghan drug labs killed at least 14 children. The US has denied the report.


Ja Rule Awkwardly Attempts to Explain His Role in Fyre Fest

On 'Watch What Happens Live', the Queens rapper opens up about his involvement with the troubled event and why he's ready to throw another music festival.


Philippine President Duterte Said He Suffers From Rare Autoimmune Disease

Rumours about Duterte’s health have been circulating since he became president in 2016.


Here’s All You Need to Know About Singapore’s 'Fake News' Law

The government started implementing the law today.


Hong Kong Protesters Tried To Sabotage China's 70th Birthday Party. Police Shot One of Them.

Video showed a protester shot in the chest at point-blank range.


A Student Protester in Hong Kong Was Shot in the Chest on China’s National Day

This is the first reported incident of the police's live ammunition hitting a protester since the pro-democracy rallies started.


How Do You Protect a Witness Like 6ix9ine?

The heavily tattooed Brooklyn rapper could be going into federal protection – that is, if it's even possible for him to disappear.


This Is Our First Look at This Prehistoric Human Relative, Made Using DNA

All that remains of the Denisovans are a few bone samples, but scientists used DNA to reconstruct what our prehistoric relative might have looked like for the first time.


Seth Rogen Is Actually Doing Something About the War on Drugs

Rogen may be another white guy profiting off legal weed, but he tells VICE there's "no way" he can ignore prohibition's racist past.


There’s a Third Incident of Justin Trudeau in Racist Makeup

The prime minister, running for re-election, is facing calls for his resignation.


Justin Trudeau Admits to Wearing Blackface and Brownface

"It was racist," the prime minister told reporters.