Music World

    • 2.25.14

      Punk Vs. Sharia

      Tracking down the last punks of Aceh, Indonesia – who still live under constant threat from the sharia police.

    • 9.9.13

      Metal Church

      Finding resurrection in the crashing symbols and sweet arpeggios of Christian Metal.

    • 1.19.13

      The Only Record Store in Mauritania

      Turns out, it rules!

    • 11.27.12

      Music World: Donk

      Our film about the northern dance music phenomenon that sounds like a pitch-shifted power drill.

    • 10.17.11

      The Huayno Murders

      Why are people in Peru's biggest music scene killing each other?

    • 10.14.11

      The Huayno Murders

      Everyone has a final say on who murdered the Princess of Folklore. As things begin to unfold, we still manage to make our way to a Huayno concert featuring one of the potential culprits.

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    • 10.13.11

      The Huayno Murders

      We attend the one-year anniversary mass of Alicia Delgado's death and face fans in outrage. In the process, more suspicious clues begin to take us into bizarre, unexpected directions. 

    • 10.12.11

      The Huayno Murders

      We deconstruct the murder scene with the head of the crime unit of Peru's biggest tabloid newspaper. While we learn of the gruesome details behind the Princess of Folklore's murder, other suspects emerge.

    • 10.11.11

      The Huayno Murders

      Bad things are happening in Peru's biggest music scene.

    • 10.10.11

      The Huayno Murders

      The fucked up history behind one of Latin America's biggest ragers.

    • 3.25.11


      Giuseppe Junior este, la 12 ani, un mic fenomen Neomelodic faimos pe internet.

    • 3.23.11


      Tommy Riccio’s Neomelodic hit song “Nu Latitante” became the anthem of the Camorra in the ’90s.