Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland Is About to Reform Its Abortion Law – Now What?

If its government doesn't reconvene by October 21st, its draconian law will be tossed out the window. Activists are counting down the days.


No, Leavers, Ireland Isn't Using Brexit to Take Northern Ireland

Even though Brexiteers who don't understand Irish politics keep saying so.


Why Irish Women Are Still Crossing Borders for Abortions

Abortion activists explain how Brexit's political mess is making the lives of women seeking an abortion even harder.


This Northern Ireland Vote Changes Everything for Women and LGBTQ Rights

This is why Westminster MPs voting to extend marriage equality and abortion access is so pivotal for the North.


One Year on from Ireland's Abortion Referendum, Things Aren't Moving Fast Enough

The Irish public may have overwhelmingly voted to legalize abortion, but implementing it is proving trickier than expected.


Making a Soldier Face Trial for Bloody Sunday Is Just a Small Step Towards Justice

The story of Bloody Sunday shames the British state and should be a bigger scandal.


How Brexit Is Threatening Northern Ireland's Peace Agreement

There are unsettling parallels between what Conservative and DUP as many believe it is worth risking the peace process for Brexit.


The Northern Irish Massacre Britain's Army Were Never Held Accountable for

We spoke to director Callum Macrae about his new documentary, 'The Ballymurphy Precedent', and the decades-long fight for justice of the victims' families.


The Mess in Northern Irish Politics Shows Where Far-Right Rhetoric Gets You

Ian Paisley Jr's cringing apology for breaking "paid advocacy" rules was no surprise to anyone familiar with the toxic politics of the DUP.


Can Northern Ireland End Its Stasis On Abortion Laws?

Our politics podcast looks at the intractable situation women face in Northern Ireland and the determination of activists.


With Abortion Now Legal in Ireland, What Happens for the North?

As the dust settles from Ireland's momentous decision to legalise abortion, many in Northern Ireland – where it is still criminalised – believe it is their turn to follow suit. But much needs to happen before Northern Irish women achieve reproductive righ


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