Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Drake Is the Red Hot Chili Peppers of Rap

Tried-and-true showmanship defined the hometown stops for the Toronto rap king’s Scorpion Tour.
Phil Witmer
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Miguel Drops an Unexpectedly Delightful Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover

His Triple J cover of RHCP's "Porcelain" came out alongside a slinky new song called "Python."
Alex Robert Ross
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Flea Shares His Struggle With Opiates In An Open Letter

The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist details his opiate addiction in an open letter for 'TIME.'
Kristin Corry

Mash-Ups, Bad Haircuts, the New Rock Revolution: 2002 Was a Load of Shit

Let's be honest, the year was a dismal one for music in the UK – propagated by marketing execs who had discovered cocaine and Hoxton.
Josh Baines
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I Laughed at the 'Rockabye Baby' Albums Until I Had a Newborn

So, in order to expand my son’s musical palette and prepare him for a world packed with wonderful tunes, we played through the series.
Jeremy Allen
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Which Is Better: 'Sgt. Pepper’s' or the Chili Peppers?

It's time to settle rock music's greatest debate.
Kyle Kramer
Dan Ozzi
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Mark Zuckerberg Built an Artificial Intelligence Machine to Listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jarvis may one day understand the melodic brilliance of 'By The Way' and that is a terrifying prospect.
Alex Robert Ross

Portraits of Hot Chili Pepper Masochists Crying Over Spicy Peppers

I went to the chili festival where people are passing out from eating off-the-charts hot peppers to meet Scoville scale addicted masochists and learn why they love spicy peppers so much.
Thieu Custers
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FOX News Presenter Dubs Red Hot Chili Peppers "Worst Band on the Planet"

"Red Hot Chili Peppers: poor man's Faith No More, don't ever forget it."
Noisey Staff
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Sometimes You Just Gotta Leave All Your Principles at the Door and Enjoy a Red Hot Chili Peppers Show

Their set at Le Festival d'été de Québec made us think that maybe we're all just being pretentious dweebs by hating on one of America's most famous bands.
Alex Robert Ross
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Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” Turns 20 Today so Here Are 20 of the Most Ridiculous Covers We Could Find

Here's that emotional metal cover you never knew you didn't want at all.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Anthony Kiedis Saved A Baby While Filming Carpool Karaoke

Yes, Kiedis is the lead singer of a band, but he might also be a divine holy entity.
Noisey Staff